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We are consultants, advisers, and trainers who help unlock complex manufacturers’ ability to make more, manufacture more, and sell more. Our team brings a level of expertise that can only be earned from years of working with complex manufacturers around the world. We apply this experience to every project, crafting custom solutions based on your company’s needs, ensuring that you get the competitive edge.

We aren’t in the business of simple fixes because we know your business is anything but simple. When you work with us, you work with partners who understand the difference between on-time delivery and profitable on-time delivery. 

We believe in establishing frameworks that will not only allow your business to get back on track quickly, but also sustain that success in the future. On-Time Edge is your outsourced office of continuous improvement.


Michel Babineau

Managing Partner


Michel is a senior domain expert who helps manufacturers achieve dramatically more throughput, better asset utilization, less inventory and opex, less order cycle-time, and near-perfect on-time delivery. He has delivered these results for a broad range of clients in North America, Asia, and Europe and include the likes of Ford Motor, Boeing, BAE Systems, and Ashley Furniture. (Watch other success stories here).

Michel had the good fortune to work with Eli Goldratt, author of “The Goal”, when Goldratt was consulting with Michel’s first employer, an APS company. Michel became a convert and an advocate of Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC). To Michel, TOC manages variability by elegantly dealing with it, rather than trying to eliminate it. He feels TOC deals best with the immutable reality of complex systems that contain less-than-perfect resources. He has dedicated his career to help people and companies understand and apply the power and simplicity of TOC.

He labels his personal operating philosophy as “effectivity”, which means “doing the right things, the right way, producing the right results with the right payback.” What’s more, he’s driven to bring his clients to leadership positions in their respective markets, at a “net-negative” cost to them. All of which he hopes will help keep and develop manufacturing jobs within his client base.


Don Harris

VP of Professional Services


Serving as principal consultant, Don’s passion is setting proper client expectations, and then exceeding them. Prior to joining Celero Optima, Don held senior positions in manufacturing operations at AO Smith and Hoefer Pharmacia Biotech, plus senior consulting positions with Thru-Put Technologies and Major Big-6 consulting firms.

He has successfully completed over 30 project implementations with clients in North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe. Don holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research and an MBA in Finance, all three degrees from the University of California at Berkeley. He is APICS certified at the Fellow level with CFCIM.

Scott McMartin

VP of Business Development


“My focus in my career is to leverage my experience and passion to deliver real results, real fast, to the wealth creators of the world… Manufacturers!”

As you can see Scott is a passionate guy. He’s also creative. To Scott’s way of thinking, the “edge” in On-Time Edge stands for “Enhanced Delivery Growth Engine.” Scott conceives “Enhanced Delivery” as a bigger concept than merely shipping boxes out the back door of the plant on time. It’s about guiding discrete manufacturing companies to improve not only their delivery, but also their financial performance to world class status.

He passionately believes that Theory of Constraints (TOC) thinking and practice is the optimal tool to identify obstacles and maximize constrained capacity. Scott is convinced that TOC-based scheduling is the Silver Bullet solution for manufacturers trying to gain a competitive edge via delivery performance that drives value-creating profit performance.

Key to his success has been the ability to work closely with executive management to ensure aligned interests between Sales & Operations, i.e., 100% customer satisfaction while generating operating profits greater than the firm’s cost of capital.


Celero-Optima is now On-Time Edge

Founded in 2004, Celero-Optima Rebranded to On-Time Edge in 2019.


Manufacturers Say We Give Them an Edge. That’s why our new name is … On-Time Edge.

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