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Transform Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software into a Competitive Advantage

Unlike the previous systems, APS simultaneously plans and schedules production based on available materials, labor and plant capacity.

APS is commonly applied where one or more of the following conditions are present:

  • Make-to-Order (MTO), Assemble-to-Order (ATO), Make-to-Stock (MTS) or Engineer-to-Order (ETO) manufacturing
  • Capital-intensive production processes, where plant capacity is constrained
  • Products ‘competing’ for plant capacity: where many different products are produced
  • Products requiring a large number of components or manufacturing tasks
  • Frequent schedule changes which cannot be predicted

What's Inside

  1. The Growing APS Market
  2. ERP vs. APS
  3. Our Thoughtware Edge

The Growing APS Market

Despite setbacks in APS sales 2020 vs 2019, the market for APS is projected to grow 9% (CAGR) thru 2025 - U.S. sales at that future date will be approx $270M.

Manufacturers - likely your competitors - are adding APS software to improve production flow and meet delivery times at a healthy rate.

Their road to market leadership is built on higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention. Don’t sit and watch your competition gain an edge.


Many companies purchase ERP systems because their production plans and schedules are inefficient. They often purchase ERP software that specifically offers “capacity planning and production scheduling” modules. Despite this investment, ERP software alone will not address capacity problems in their manufacturing processes because ERP is primarily a record storing system, not a problem-solving system. Because ERP systems are databases, not analytical tools, they lack analysis and insights.

Our Thoughtware Edge

Thoughtware EdgeSM is a proprietary distillation of On-Time Edge’s expert knowledge and collective experience in-depth and across multiple industries. On-Time Edge (OTE) consultants help you create, implement, and sustain a culture of continuous improvement through on-going and adept application of multiple frameworks for operational efficiency.

“APS is the ONLY way a manufacturer can keep its delivery promises close to 100% of the time, On-Time, at operating profits exceeding the weighted average cost of capital.”

Scott McMartin, On-Time Edge

Vice President

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