Arm Your Slingshot: Lead the Economic Recovery by Doing the Most to Prepare

Arm Your Slingshot: Lead the Economic Recovery by Doing the Most to Prepare

As we all know, economic business cycles are a common phenomenon; characterized by periods of contraction and expansion while our businesses move from peak to trough to even higher peaks. The issue is not whether there will be an eventual upturn or downturn, it is how long each will last and how dramatic each will be.

Today, we find ourselves in a situation that has not occurred for roughly 100 years, if ever: a viral flu-driven economic downturn of epic proportion. The silver lining this time is that the dramatic economic slow-down has been, to a significant degree, a focused and purposeful strategy implemented to guard against a potentially massive human death toll. Assuming the pandemic abates in the near term due to the intense social distancing strategies being implemented globally, many believe that once the constraints are lifted, the anticipated recovery will be extremely dramatic. 

The result will not only return us to the bull market that had been driving the economy for the last three years, but also extend the stampede indefinitely, likely bursting past an unprecedented stock market performance level of 30,000 on the Dow Jones Industrial average. Because of the speed, intentional nature, and severity of the downturn, many believe that the recovery, primarily due to solid underlying economic fundamentals, will take on additional energy in a kind of 'slingshot' effect. 

If true, the implication is that most businesses will not be able to cope with the intense, pent-up demand on their production resources.

Companies that have made the shrewd investment in advanced planning and scheduling (APS) technologies over the past few years (only about 10%) are in the best position to capitalize on the anticipated economic resurgence. They will be in the envious position of being able to make, and keep, unbeatable delivery commitments to their most profitable target market clients and prospects. Hapless competitors will be in the unfortunate position of not knowing what their true capacities and capabilities are, resulting in missed deliveries, high operating expense costs, and fractured, if not lost, customer and employee relationships. 

Now, more than ever, it is critically important for manufacturers to know how to commit their limited resources to serve (cherry-pick) the best market opportunities. 

On-Time Edge anticipates a slingshot phenomenon. Before the recovery starts and business returns to its bare-knuckled, gritty competitive nature, we'd like to share our scheduling insights to help you emerge from these challenging days with your fists flying. Let us help you get ready to capture your share of the renewed market opportunity with unmatched production planning and scheduling capability, resulting in market-leading delivery and profit performance.         

On Wednesday, April 29 at 10:30 AM Eastern, Michel Babineau, CEO and Founder, and Scott McMartin, Vice President, will discuss an operational and financial toolkit that you can implement immediately. You may have struggled with operational bottlenecks that have prevented your company from achieving its delivery and financial goals—these struggles frustrate both you and, more important, your customers. Not anymore. Register today. 


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