Struggling to Keep Your Company's Performance Afloat? You Need to Increase Your On-Time Delivery Performance.

On-Time Delivery Performance is Key:

Too much time, effort, and money is spent keeping your customers happy. Your on-time delivery (OTD) performance is inconsistent. Your Sales department complains about Operations’ inability to deliver as quickly and reliably as your competitors, and Operations is asking sales to provide better, more timely forecasts and to stop “overpromising” to your customers. Finance is asking Operations to do more with less. You often find yourself robbing Peter to pay Paul, creating seemingly endless expediting loops. 

Inventory Teeters Like a House of Cards

Inventory seems to pile up in the wrong places. You have plenty of the wrong parts, and not enough of the right ones. You worked overtime yesterday on processing orders that will end up waiting downstream tomorrow. Your product mix is large and increasing, demand and supply is volatile, capital is limited, and “Murphy” (and his darned law) works in the corner office.

You feel like you’re standing on top of a house of cards, and a little more pressure may break it all apart. Ouch! You need workable solutions yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Lean is Okay but Not Enough

Your executives suggested implementing “Lean” throughout your company. Lean is right for parts of your operations, but your gut is telling you it is the wrong approach for the most complex and variable side of your business where your product mix is grows larger with more and more requested options.

Technology Takes You Only So Far

You invested handsomely in technology, and so far it has not yielded the results you expected.

You’ve implemented the latest and greatest information systems: an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, a barcode tracking system, a sophisticated supply-chain planning system, and several others. The data in these systems never seem to reflect reality. Expenses associated with maintaining those systems are taking their toll on profits. Some of your most qualified employees spend a lot of time keeping systems in check, and they rarely have time to make progress on more strategic projects. 

The Quarterly Close is a Scramble

The end of the quarter feels like a race in the dark. Management makes expensive and irrational decisions to hit finance targets, often making costly trade-offs between internal and external pressures. Even in normal times, performance metrics between departments are contradictory.

Sound familiar? End this train of pain by talking to On-Time Edge. 

Over the last 25 years On-Time Edge has observed, analyzed, compared, transformed, and improved hundreds of companies and their performance. Their struggles and growing pains are strikingly similar. They are pitted against the seemingly impossible balance between external customers and suppliers and internal operations and employees. 

On-Time Edge understands these painful issues; we have lived and breathed them ourselves and with our clients.

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