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Outsourcing Your Office of Continuous Improvement

Leverage effective material flow as Your Engine of Value Creation in an insightful business process workshop. The focus: how today’s global market conditions require new business models that are more responsive to customer demands.

  1. Software and Continuous Improvement
    • Benefits of Production Planning & Scheduling Software
    • Limitations of purchasing Advanced Planning Scheduling Software without having a strategic framework for implementation
  2. Continuous Improvement Frameworks
    • Models, benefits and limitations
  3. Shifting Focus From Cost Cutting to Revenue & Profit Growth
    • Limitations on removing fixed costs
    • Getting A Better Understanding of Market-Aligned Pricing
    • Winning More Business Through Pricing Aligned with the Needs of Target Market Clients
  4. Raising Operating Performance of the Business
    • Identifying the Growth bottleneck
    • Maximizing Throughput (Contribution Margin) of the constrained resource (TOC)
    • Continually evaluate the fulfillment process or value stream from the perspective of the customer
  5. Increasing The Return On Capital
    • Continually evaluate the value stream from the perspective of the customer
    • Focus on Maximizing EVA (Net Operating Profit After Tax – Weighted Average Capital Cost)
    • Management Framework for Continuous Improvement
  6. The E.D.G.E.


What's Inside

  1. Continuous Improvement Framework
  2. Increasing Return on Invested Capital
  3. Focus on Sustained Growth

Continuous Improvement Framework

Our proprietary Theory of Constraints/Lean/Six Sigma (TLS) framework uses essential principles from both Lean and Theory of Constraints to elevate our clients’ productivity and profitability.

Our expertise with all continuous improvement models allows us to advise our clients how best to take advantage of technology to automate and to create a more proactive and productive environment. It’s at the intersection of continuous improvement thinking and technology where we bring the most value to manufacturers.


Increasing Return on Invested Capital

We help our clients take a much longer-term strategic view of their business, not just quarter to quarter. Working together, we can look ahead several quarters. This forward visibility allows us to change how the business is being managed, enabling a shift from a cost-cutting mindset to a revenue and profit growth mindset. A value-creating mindset is what we think is fundamental to the success of our clients and puts them in a much stronger position relative to the rest of the marketplace.

Focus on Sustained Growth

As an outside resource, On-Time Edge has more than 50 combined years of experience in production planning and scheduling. In addition, we have the expertise to apply Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints as the framework for a continuous improvement engine for growth. This is the tremendous value we bring to sustaining your ability to create enhanced economic value.

“According to a report by the Mckinsey Global Institute, U.S. Manufacturers could boost their overall value by 20% — up to $530 billion — by 2025. However, Mckinsey cautions that the industry as a whole (including SMMS) must take advantage of newly available technologies and processes to achieve those numbers.”

National Institute of Standards and Technology

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