Turning Complex Manufacturing 
into a simple
Recipe for growth

How On-Time Edge Helped Jarp Achieve 35% Reduction in Backlog

The Situation


Complex manufacturing is just that–complex. Jarp Industries, a designer, manufacturer, and remanufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, has had a handle on this complexity since 1959. But they wanted more than a handle on it. They wanted to drive their complex manufacturing operation toward sustainable growth. On-Time Edge helped them do that.


Jarp Industries is a high variety, low-volume type of manufacturer, which creates a number of operational complexities. “Our biggest operational challenge,” said Kevin Kraft, Jarp Industries CEO, “really comes from the customization of what we do.” Jarp needed to manage this chaos, create predictable outcomes, and improve on-time delivery.


We met Kevin Kraft and the Jarp Industries team after being referred by their ERP vendor. According to Kraft, they were using lean manufacturing techniques, but with minimal results. “[Lean] wasn’t giving us the solution for scheduling our high variety product mix,” said Kraft. The On-Time Edge team immersed themselves in Jarp’s identified opportunities, and employed a mixture of Theory of Constraints and software to position JARP Industries manufacturing for serious growth.

In just a few months time, we helped Jarp Industries achieve…


Decrease in Backlog


Reduction in Overtime


Increase in Sales


Impact on Labor Costs


The Lasting Impact


“At this point we’re pretty independent,” said Kraft. “We have got our people trained, our processes in place, and we’ve been getting good results.” Jarp Industries continue to grow using the tried and true principles, techniques, and tools we worked with them to implement. “Our delivery for last year was perfect. And I can honestly say that we wouldn’t have done that without their help.”

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