Introducing the Groundbreaking Solution for Managing Multi-Project Teams and Environments in Manufacturing

There’s now a better way to manage shared teams of human resources across multiple projects. Sorry spreadsheets… Epicflow is a multi-project resource management tool that’s disrupting the way traditional manufacturers manage complex environments. It’s helping PMOs across the nation eliminate constraints and improve productivity by 30%. As the only Epicflow vendor in the United States, On-Time Edge is the leader in multi-resource management software solutions.

Constraints Happen—What Are You Doing to Manage Them in Your Complex Manufacturing Environment?

Eliminating constraints within manufacturing businesses demands balancing efficient supply chain management and effective human resource management (HRM). Ensuring your business has the people and skills necessary to plan, implement, and execute seamless production is as critical to your profitability as your manufacturing tools and systems are. Lead multi-project teams and environments with precision and accuracy with Epicflow.

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  1. Resource Management
  2. Project Management

Resource Management

Resource management is a tool project managers use to manage and allocate multiple resources, critically, the most important resource in any project: human resources (e.g., employees, contractors, consultants) and their knowledge, skills, and abilities. What’s more, resource planning manages the whole range of resources including materials, tools, equipment, supplies, plant, money, and anything necessary to complete a project. Successful resource management complements project management and other applications such as ERP, PPM, CRM, HRM, and others.

Project Management

Project management is the process of leading the work of a team to achieve goals and meet success metrics at a set time goal. Projects must have clear requirements, objectives, and measurable outcomes; if these criteria are not met, an activity is merely “work”--what gets done day-in and day-out.


Multiple projects across multiple teams with competing priorities often result in overload internally and, worse, customer dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, too many companies manage projects with limited tools such as spreadsheets. 

On-Time Edge, in partnership with Epicflow, helps manufacturers manage human resource constraints through resource management and unparalleled resource management software. Epicflow is a multi-project resource management tool that integrates with many project management systems that you may already be using. Examples include, JIRA, Microsoft Project, or Primavera. Epicflow also works with custom integrations. 


Epicflow simplifies the task of managing and sharing resources across projects. Using it levels load to capacity, which helps maximize output while projects stay on budget and on-time.

The combined power of On-Time Edge and Epicflow together enables manufacturers to: 

  • Eliminate human resource constraints
  • Improve personnel staffing
  • Increase productivity
  • Build a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

With the disruptions happening in companies today’s unsteady market, Epicflow offers measurable value to companies looking to improve manufacturing processes and human resource allocations. The Epicflow solution provides immediate and on-going transparency and predictability in the face of any highly variable work environment.

Cost of Epicflow Is A Fraction of An Engineer's Salary. If you invest 1% of a salary for a 30% improvement, wouldn’t you take that?

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Identify and eliminate constraints using TOC.


At On-Time Edge, we’re advocates for the Theory of Constraints (TOC) by business processes genius Eli Goldratt—we’ve developed a resource page for you to learn more about it. Software like Epicflow gives managers the tools necessary to spot current constraints, identify potential future bottlenecks, and adjust staffing accordingly.


Staffing issues include the following constraints: staffing constraints, employee performance, employee satisfaction, HRM employee retention, and staff attendance at work.

Staffing Constraints
Address staffing constraints by developing workable schedules. HRM must have knowledge of the manufacturing organizations profitability to manage staffing without compromising the bottom line. A few questions to consider:

- Will added staffing increase production rate?
- Will fewer staff compromise production rate?
- Is production rate integral to profitability?

Employee Performance
Assess employee performance with a couple goals in mind to avoid human resource constraints in manufacturing. HRM must be capable of spotting underqualified or underperforming individuals within the organization. And, HRM should be able to immediately identify hard-to-fill roles within the organization.

Staff Attendance at Work
Identify unmotivated employees through lack of career progression, poor punctuality, and frequent absenteeism. By reevaluating these employees, avoid future human resource constraints in manufacturing.

Employee Satisfaction
Understanding employee benefits and perks that help keep employees happy and retained within the company is a critical role for any HRM manager in the manufacturing field.

HRM Employee Retention
The On-Time Edge team can show you how to use Epicflow to gain greater clarity about turnover rates (by position, by age, by gender, by month, etc.). HRM employee retention can help you better manage hiring pipelines to avoid lags in production and profitability.

Epicflow helps manage human resource assets against the current production management requirements, which allows HRM managers, or other manufacturing leaders, to quickly and easily identify instances of overstaffing, understaffing, underqualified employees, overpaid employees, and ineffective employees.

We need help reducing the churn rate of our employees, our engineers are always overbooked. We’re always late on projects and it's hitting the bottom line.

- Manufacturers everywhere


To learn more about the Epicflow solution, our VP of Business Development, Scott McMartin has hosted a webinar. This 30-minute webinar shares the benefits of Epicflow for managing human resources constraints in manufacturing. 



Staffing Levels
After you identify constraints in your resource management processes, such as insufficient staffing, assigning someone to head the HRM personnel management function, such as personnel staffing, ensures adequate staff levels which are critical to the success of any project.

HRM personnel managers help identify talent for personnel staffing at all levels. He or she can identify hard-to-replace positions, high-performing individuals, and problem areas affecting profitability and manufacturing.

Talent Development
HRM personnel development also provides guidelines for career development and progress. It can help coach current employees by giving them guidance and feedback to ensure proper performance in their position. This kind of detailed guidance helps employees demonstrate improved dedication to and passion for their work, which in turn, results in better work quality, higher employee satisfaction, and greater profitability.





Report Up
Mitigate human resource constraints in manufacturing by leveraging a concrete system to evaluate overall staff and an HRM representative, who can offer feedback to superiors on the relative value of employees and departments and teams to the organization.

Keep Control by Basing Decisions on Visible Facts
Have a resource management program in place to overcome flaws in traditional project management programs in manufacturing. Resource management involves planning every step that adds value toward project and product delivery. Resource management analyzes tasks and their dependency network. It outputs rough work estimates for each task, project milestones and deadlines, and resource groups assigned to complete the task.

And finally, implementing any new system with consultation help from On-Time Edge, helps for a smoother transition.



Managing human resource constraints in manufacturing helps you maintain a competitive edge. As a resource management tool that helps keep track of HRM assets, Epicflow helps companies overcome flaws in traditional project management programs.

  • Dynamic hiring practices which balance the necessity for skill and the protection of profitability.

  • Effective retention tactics combined with data-backed pipeline management to keep optimal staffing levels and avoid manufacturing lag.

  • Performance management which identifies underperforming employees in need of replacement and high-performing employees worth rewarding and retaining.


  • Assessment tactics capable of appropriately identifying hard-to-replace positions within the organization.

  • Comprehensive understanding of the product and manufacturing process to effectively manage company assets in periods of growth or decline.

  • An asset management platform for managing assets, creating greater transparency into the HRM processes, and developing strategies for improved revenue, profitability, and product yield.


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